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Jeffery A. Nichols School Principal And Pastor Arrested For Molesting Student Since 2008 

image  North Attleboro, MA   01/16/2014

Reports have just come in that an assistant Pastor at Grace Baptist Church has been arrested for molesting a under age girl since 2008.. He is also the Principal at Grace Baptist Academy where he gain the opportunity to molest the the victim in this case. has also learned that Rev. Jeffrey Nichols wife also worked at the same Academy as a teacher, and he is the father of four.

The assistant pastor of the Grace Baptist Church and principal of the Grace Baptist Christian Academy has been charged with repeatedly molesting one of his female students.

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The Rev. Jeffrey A. Nichols, 47, was ordered held in jail on $25,000 cash bail Tuesday in Attleboro District Court. A prosecutor said he violated a position of trust by molesting one of his seventh-grade students beginning in 2008 when she was 13 and continuing until the end of the school year in June 2013.

In a statement given to The Sun

“He admitted to all the allegations made by the victim” after he voluntarily went to the police station for questioning Monday, Assistant District Attorney Erin Aiello said during a bail hearing.

The allegations came as a shock to church Pastor Jeff Bailey, who told The Sun Chronicle he immediately fired Nichols when Nichols told him about the allegations Monday.

Nichols, of 7 Fourth St., Attleboro, is a married father of three children whose wife is also a teacher at the school, his lawyer, Gregory DiPaolo of Fall River, said.

Bailey described Nichols as a trusted assistant for 23 years and a beloved figure at the school and church.

“I had no idea. It was a complete shock,” Bailey said, adding that he never suspected anything like the behavior that has been alleged.

Nichols apparently came forward because the allegations had become known to others, Bailey said. When Nichols told him Monday, he said he told Nichols to turn himself into police or he would call them in the morning.

Bailey said he was so close to Nichols that he was planning to have him perform his daughter’s wedding ceremony. Bailey said his college-age son burst out crying when he found out, as did the students when they were told this morning.

“It’s just devastation all the way around,” Bailey said.

Bailey said he has spoken to the girl and pledged to support her “100 percent.”

Nichols, he said, was the assistant pastor, a teacher, coach and performed administrative duties.

The church congregation thought Nichols was of the highest character because of his compassion, helping out drug addicts, alcoholics and homeless people, Bailey said.

“I’m not making excuses for him. I’m just telling you,” he said.

During the bail hearing, Aiello said Nichols allegedly repeatedly indecently touched the girl and also made sexual comments to her. He allegedly asked her to expose herself to him and demanded sex after exposing himself to her, Aiello said.

“He repeatedly asked her for sexual favors,” Aiello said.

As a teacher and educator, the prosecutor noted, Nichols is supposed to report incidents of alleged sexual assaults. “This was a violation of trust,” Aiello said. He requested $50,000 cash bail.

DiPaolo pleaded for his client’s release on pretrial probation with GPS monitoring. He said Nichols, a native of Iowa, had no criminal past and would have less financial resources with no job.

Although he allegedly admitted to police that he committed the crimes, the court automatically entered an innocent plea to aggravated indecent assault and battery on a child under 14, indecent assault and battery on a child over 14, accosting a person of the opposite sex, and open and gross behavior.

If he posts bail, Judge Thomas L. Finnigan ordered that Nichols be monitored by a GPS bracelet. He also ordered Nichols to have no contact with the girl or minor children.

The allegations were reported to police by the girl on Monday and were investigated by detectives Steven Beaudet, Kevin Fuoco and Sgt. Brett Poirier. They were assisted by officers James Miller and Keith Golden.

Nichols is due back in court Feb. 13.

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