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Hero Dad Jermaine Clemons: Beat Up Youth Pastor He Caught In His Home Trying To See His 16 Year Old Daughter


Hero Dad Jermaine Clemons after he beat up youth pastor who he caught in his house at midnight.

PimpPreacher.com  Oklahoma Bureau 01/15/2014

Hero Dad Jermaine Clemons opened the door to his home to find the 24 year old Youth Pastor seated on his living room sofa – and what happened next has landed Mr. Clemons in jail for assault with a deadly weapon. When asked who The Youth Pastor was there to see – he told the father of the 16 year girl that he was there to see his daughter. Little did the Youth Pastor know but the father had been reading her text messages so he already knew why the Pastor came over at 12 midnight.

The Church Folk Revolution has been calling for the end of the Youth Pastor position for 4 consecutive years now, and incidents like what took place in the home of Mr. Clemons continues to validate our position. FIRE ALL YOUTH PASTORS TODAY!

The Good News is a Bail Bondsman after hearing about how the Youth Pastor was found in Jermaine Clemons home – bailed him out at no charge!

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As confirmed by News9

According to an arrest report, an unnamed adult male showed up at Clemons’ house at about 11:40 p.m. January 11 to talk to the teenage girl.

"Jermaine watched (name redacted by police) enter his house in hopes to meet 16-year-old daughter, and Jermaine came in behind him and hit (name redacted by police) three to five times with his right hand with metal brass knuckles on his right hand," the arresting officer said in his report.

The visiting male was taken to the hospital with numerous lacerations, according to Captain Steve Odom with the Tulsa Police Department.

"There were allegations that this adult was sending some inappropriate texts to Mr. Clemons’ 16-year-old daughter," Odom said Sunday. He believes the department’s sex crimes division will be following up on the case.

Clemons was booked on a complaint of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

The man believes what he did was justified and said even officers told him, they’d do the same thing. Jermaine Clemons said he became enraged after reading inappropriate texts his daughter was receiving from her youth pastor.

Clemons said he took over the texting and when the youth pastor arrived at midnight on Saturday, believing the girl was home alone, he confronted him. He admits he’s been in trouble with the law before, but, says he’s been working 12 hour shifts trying to support six kids.

Clemons said he has talked to his kids about predators in the past, but was stunned when he felt one was actually talking to his daughter. The text messages weren’t sexual but the 24-year-old man was trying hard to convince her she was legal and not too young for him.

"I went through her texts, getting more mad with every text I read," Clemons said.

He said he took over the messaging and led the pastor to believe the girl would be home alone Saturday night. The pastor lives only a block away, according to Clemons, so he walked over to their home, where Clemons confronted him.

"I walked into my house and seen him sitting on the couch and I asked him, ‘Who are you? Who are you here for?’ He said I’m here for your daughter. I said, ‘You know how old she is? How old are you?’

He said 17. ‘Dude, you’re lying, I have the texts here telling her how old you are, that you’re eight years older and she’s totally legal for you.’”

That’s when the man stood up and Clemons said he grabbed some brass knuckles that were on a table and beat him.

Clemons then called police and said, come get this predator out of my house.

"They handcuffed him, put him in an ambulance, thought it was a done deal, they were congratulating me on it, ‘I’m a father, I’m a mother, I would’ve did the same thing,’ but here I am, sitting in handcuffs, fighting for my life now."

He says the officers told him the man hadn’t broken a law yet, but Clemons says he didn’t want to wait until his daughter was raped or kidnapped or even killed.

"What dad wouldn’t have done it? I mean, what dad wouldn’t have done it? I’m here for my kids. If I can’t protect my kids, who can," Clemons said.

Tulsa police say if you see inappropriate communications, notify police immediately. Police said the man Clemons beat, had to have brain surgery Sunday, but is expected to recover. Sex crimes detective say they will try to examine the girl’s phone to see if the text messages constitute any type of crime.


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