The Church Folk Revolution

The Church Folk Revolution

Pastor Michael Graves Church Foreclosed By Bank: Church Was Debt FREE!!! Nashville Bureau 10/13/2014

Crystal Fountain Church of God in Christ is no more at its current location on 1003 Russell street in Nashville after a Judge allowed the Bank to officially taken full ownership of the property due to foreclosure. Back in August reported that Pastor Michael Graves tried to have a court order to block the foreclosure, using the excuse that he did not understand the terms of the loan. That argument did not stand up in court, and the property was awarded with full deed to the bank.

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Jesus Is Not Your Personal Savior Nor Is He My Personal Savior

image  New Orleans Bureau 10/12/2014

There are so many things we say as statements of our faith that are not found in the Bible, and many of these phases are quite harmless on the surface.  Phrases like “Too Blessed to be Stressed” and “the Lord will never put more on me than I can bear” are just two of the more commonly used church clichés - short sentences that even I have uttered over the years.  When it comes to over used spiritual talk there is one phrase that we have been taught to say (by Pastors) that has become perhaps the most accurate description of the rampant selfishness found within the Urban Christian Church, say it with me “Jesus is my Personal Lord & Savior.”

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Rev. Juan McFarland “The HIV Prophet” Has Changed Church Door Locks: Fired But Refuses To Leave Montgomery Bureau 10/12/2014

The same city that gave us the legendary Civil Rights Pastor Rev. C.T. Vivian has also given us this disgrace of a pastor named Rev. Juan McFarland. has just learned that Juan McFarland is not only refusing to vacate the pulpit, but has also changed the locks.

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Top 10 Worst Female Preachers Vol 1

image New Orleans Bureau 05/20/2014

At we aggressively support women in ministry, and our organization Church Folk Revolution has benefited from the brilliant women we have in leadership. We make no claim that the women featured in this article represent All Women in Ministry - only the ones we feel are a Threat to The Body of Christ.

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A Message To All Pastors: You Are What You Tolerate!

image New Orleans Bureau 10/11/2014

It is very easy to get angry with the website until you realize that this site has become an archive of False Prophets. Not so long ago Scam Artist Pastors could Slither from one unsuspecting church to the next - undetected by a Criminal Background Check - and unbeknownst to a new Deacon Board. The atrocities that were committed at previous congregations, we’re often swept under the rug leaving evil pastors the liberty to continue a career of abuse - that is up until now.

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Ignorant Pastor Accused Girl Of Being A Witch: Child Was Starved And Forced To Eat Vomit

image UK Bureau 10/11/2014

A story has come to us from the United Kingdom that tells of Witch Hunts, Molested Children, and Pastors who walk a very thin line between Voodoo and Christianity. Kevani Kanda was only six years old when her Pastor and family accused her of being a witch because she wet the bed, but none of them took the time investigate the real reason she was wetting the bed, and sleepwalking. Kevani was being molested by a family, but her story mirrors other teens in London who say that a select group of Pastors are causing their families to turn on them, and charge them with being witches.  

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Molestation Prevention: A Public Statement Regarding Child Sexual Abuse in the Church

image 10/11/2014

Child sexual abuse in the church is no longer our dirty little secret. At one time, this perverse spirit had free-reign behind the walls of what we dare call    ”the house of God “. The world is awake! They waste no time reporting those things we hide. As you know, many abominable stories have surfaced on the web about Gods children forced into sex with “ so-called ” Christians “. It’s not just a Catholic problem.

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Are Churches Safe Havens Or Dens Of Wolves And Predators?

Pew Survival Skills For Successful And Driven Believers - Part 1 LA Bureau 10/11/2014

Commentary By: Raina T. Shaw

For decades religions and churches have beckoned for the broken, downtrodden, bruised, and battered folks with every problem under the sun. In churches (especially black churches) from coast to coast, the superstars of the church are the folks that have the worst luck, stories, and testimonies. Or, as Judge Greg Mathis calls them “ghetto stories”.

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Dear Mr. Jim Crow I think We Need You: What Happened To Black Preachers After 1965

A Tribute To Rev. CT Vivian As He Took On Sheriff Jim Clark

image New Orleans Bureau 07/03/2014 - Repost by demand 10/10/2014

I never thought I would say the words I am about to utter, but the sad reality is becoming too obvious to ignore. Black Preachers need another visitation from you Mr. Jim Crow. Not only do they need you, but in so many ways I believe you made the Black Preacher a better Preacher. Hear me out Mr. Crow.

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Pastor Juan McFarland Knew He Had AIDS: Had Sex With Female Church Members! Now Claims He’s “DIVINELY HEALED”?

image Montgomery AL Bureau 10/09/2014

Breaking News – Reports are coming in out of Montgomery Alabama that Pastor Juan Demetrius McFarland has AIDS, and knowingly slept with women in his congregation. Standing before the congregation Pastor Jaun McFarland admitted that he had misused church funds, committed adultery, and had unprotected sex with several female members knowing he had tested positive for the HIV Virus in 2003. According to one of the Deacons – the pastor had sex in the church building with several of the women – some fearing that they now carry the HIV Virus.

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Pastor Larry McKinley Clark GUILTY In Molestation Case: Now Facing 35 Years!

Molestation Prevention 2014 Continues! VA. Bureau 10/09/2014

In a case we have followed from the initial arrest in December of last year, the jury in the Pastor Larry McKinley Clark Case has just found him Guilty as charged. Prosecutors have recommended a 35 year sentence for molesting teens in his congregation, charges for one of teens still pending. Pastor Larry Clark remained unrepentant, and even blamed one of the victims saying “he came from a troubled home”. According to the prosecutor the teenage boy who testified seemed  traumatized after being molested for three consecutive years, and his testimony had the most impact on the jury.

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Pastor Ed Young Church Slapped With Lawsuit After Youth Pastor Chad Foster Was Sentenced For Molestation

image Houston Bureau 10/02/2014

Today we came across this delightful story of a family that has just slapped the ministry of Ed Young with a lawsuit, because their 12 year old daughter was sexually assaulted by the Youth Pastor. It appears the days of a Youth Pastor getting away with rape is slowly coming to a close, especially after a Judge has sentenced Youth Pastor Chad Foster to 5 years in prison. Now the family of the victim has taken action to hold the leadership of ministry accountable, a move that we celebrate and applaud.

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