The Church Folk Revolution

The Church Folk Revolution

Is He “Pimping” or “Pastoring”?


Here are some indicators to help you identify cult figure traits of control, manipulation, intimidation, and unresolved sexual lust issues in a male pastor (primarily) or other spiritual leader. Many times these same leaders are actually "novices" who left their learning too soon because of misguided ambition or an unwillingness to submit to instruction in humility under another so they could be properly trained, and it has now caught up to them years later.

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Youth Pastor Brien Stout Arrested For Child Seduction Of 16 Year Old Male Church Member

image Kentucky Bureau 07/17/2014

It’s never your church until it’s your church and it’s never your youth pastor until it’s your Youth Pastor. Louisville Police Department is reporting that they have arrested Youth Pastor Brien Stout for actively seducing a 16 year old boy in his congregation and inappropriate conduct with a Juvenile. This Youth Pastor over stepped his boundaries online and outside of church activities thus luring the child into sexual interactions according to Police. SEE VIDEO

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Pastor Roy Neal Yoakem (Convicted Sex Offender 2005) Charged With Statutory Rape of 14 Male Church Member

image Tennessee Bureau 07/17/2014

The ink hasn’t even dried on our current story regarding Pastors who molest young boy, when this report of another rape dropped in. Pastor Roy Neal Yoakem has been booked and charge with raping a 14 year old member of his congregation. As recently as last month the victim told  police Pastor Yoakem had sex with the him (14 year old male victim) once in the church, and the second time at his house.The Pastor is a convicted Sex Offender since 2005!

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Touched By Pastor & Slain Into Gay: How To Prevent Your Son From Getting Molested In Church?

How Pastors Molest Young Men Then Protest Their Gay Lifestyles Years Later!

image New Orleans Bureau 07/17/2014

I just got off the phone with a young man who was molested by a pastor from 1988 – 1995. Years later after living an open life as a Gay Man he finally got up the nerve to tell his mother that her Pastor was his first sexual experience, she didn’t believe him. She still doesn’t believe him! The young man asked that I not reveal any names in this article (and I will respect his wish) because he only wanted me to know that he became a “Homosexual Man” as a result of that sexual relationship with his former Pastor. He shared with me the following during that phone call:

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5 Things Single Christian Women Want to Say To Married Christian Women

image 07/17/2014

By Reneatta R. Austin

1) We want you to tell us more about yourself outside of being a wife and a mother.

How many times have you been in a women’s gathering, and all they talk about is their husband and kids?  Boring!  We know they are the loves of your lives, but don’t you have other interests?  Don’t you have a career, hobbies, or something else you’re into?  I dread going to women’s fellowships for this very reason.

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Pastor Pedro L Custodio Arrested For Raping Women At His Shelter In Kitchen Pantry

image Orlando Bureau 07/17/2014

We have just received a shocking Pastor Complaint out of Orlando which reports that Pastor Pedro L. Custodio has been arrested for raping women at a homeless shelter he managed. Police say Pastor Custodio took advantage of the living conditions the women faced, and forced them into sexual relationships. Two of the women have both told police that the sex took place in the kitchen pantry – a third woman has also filed a rape charges.

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Youth Pastor Matthew Graziotti Arrested For Child Porn: He Was Also A Producer Of Child Porn Orlando Bureau 07/15/2014

Adding more reason to fire all YOUTH PASTORS TODAY! We have just learned that an Orlando Elementary Teacher & Youth Leader has been arrested by the FBI for Child Porn. Pastor Matthew Graziotti has been arrested for possession of THOUSANDS of Child Porn images. In addition to possession of child porn the Youth Pastor is also charged with being a Child Porn Producer.  

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Breaking News From The Bible:They Will Make Merchandise Of You!

image New Orleans Bureau 07/15/2014

Breaking News From The Bible: 2 Peter 2:1-3 King James Bureau

1. But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction.

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Rev. A. Carl Prince Removed After Members Voted Him Out: Church Folk Revolution!

The Church Folk Revolution is spreading - Glory To God!

image Philly Bureau 07/15/2014

All Church Dictators Must Go! We have received news that another Pastor has been removed in a Church Folk Revolution style removal. Rev. A. Carl Prince (Pastor of Zion Baptist Church in Philadelphia) was voted out after 221 members out of 387 sent him packing. Church Folk Revolution has been challenging Deacon Boards to stand up against Dictator Pastors, and we give God all the praise to see another one of these so-called pastors removed. Thank God accountability is returning to the pulpit – Power to the PEW!

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Bishop T.D. Jakes Contradicting Mrs. Jakes: Never Take Dating Advice From A Pastor!

Why Single Christians Should Ignore Dating Advice From A Married Pastor…

image New Orleans Bureau 07/15/2014

This weekend for some strange reason I found myself watching a video that featured a beautiful presentation from Mrs. Jakes, the wife of T.D. Jakes. To add even more weirdness to this weekend I found myself really enjoying her message, a message that was delivered to a group of Pastor Wives. In this video she described the Prison aspect of ministry, and how it’s hard to always play the role of “First Lady” all the time. Even though I disagree with the entire First Lady Club I was still moved by Sister Jakes  humbleness as she shared her story. Yes, even Ya Boy can still get emotional after hearing a good sermon. Just as I was thanking God for a beautiful love story, her husband opened his BIG MOUTH and completely contradicted her entire testimony. SEE VIDEO!

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Duane Youngblood, SMH…. When Will Enough Be Enough?

image 7/14/14
Pittsburgh Bureau

When does enough become enough? Do we have to have another young man to be victimized before we wake up? In January, we introduced Duane Youngblood to because we saw this man as a particular threat to the young men in his community and especially in his church. Youngblood, pastor of Life Churches (formerly known as Higher Call World Outreach), was arrested July 13, 2014 on the charge of corruption of a minor.

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Convicted Pedophile Pastor Duane Youngblood Arrested For Molesting 16 Year Old

Church Folk Revolution Tried To Warn The Church Members On January 4, 2014 Pennsylvania Bureau 07/13/2014

Hate to say we told you so - but we told his church members he would rape again, and he did. We have just received news that a Pedophile Pastor that we featured back in January, has been arrested today for molesting a 16 year old child. Members of the Church Folk Revolution tried to attract attention to the community surrounding Higher Call World Outreach Church (in Homestead, PA) where convicted Pedophile Pastor Duane Youngblood was still in the pulpit, but our efforts were too late. Police say Duane Youngblood had already started having sexual contact with the 16 year old male victim back in 2008.

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