The Church Folk Revolution

The Church Folk Revolution

Pastor Jose Molina Killed 12 Year Old Girl In Jealous Rage: Police Believe Family Knew Pastor Was Having Sex With Victim Mexico Bureau 09/02/2014  

Very Disturbing story coming out of Mexico where we have just learned that Pastor Jose Baltazar Hernandez Molina has been charged with murdering a 12 year girl he was molesting. According to the Miguel Angel Guerrero (Mexican Deputy Against Organized Crime) Pastor Jose Molina was having a full blown relationship with the 12 year old girl when he became jealous because she like another teenage boy. That’s when police say he abducted her, beat her, and broke her neck.

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Randy White Holds Lasts Church Service After Bank Repossession: Paula White Continues Pimping At Zachery Tims Church

A Church Without  Walls - Is Now A Church Without Walls Literally.

image Orlando Bureau 09/02/2014

Some Good News to report out of Orlando - the disaster of a ministry known as Without Walls International Church (Paula & Randy White old Church) has officially closed its doors for good. A ministry that once claimed to have 22,000 members lost everything back to the same Credit Union that foreclosed on Joel Osteen’s sister in Arlington Texas.

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Rabbi Who Suck Baby Penis Just Won Federal Appeal: Says Ban Violates Religious Freedom!

image New York Bureau 09/02/2014

An Orthodox Jewish Sect has just won the first wave of legal battles concerning the controversial circumcision practice that involves a Rabbi sucking the blood out of a baby’s penis after circumcision. The practice known as Metzitzah b’peh went viral on when we reported it last year that as many as 14 babies had contracted the Harpies Virus, but now the Jewish Sect is claiming that Metzitzah b’peh is part of their religious freedom, and they should be allowed to continue. See Federal Appeals Court Ruling.

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Church Secretary or Pastors Getaway Driver?

Church Folk Revolution Radio 09/01/2014

Today on Church Folk Revolution Radio we will take a closer look at how Pastors are able to control all of the money donated to the church with the help of the church secretry. How much of the control over the finances are yielded over by the church secretary?

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Faith Chapel Christian Center Entertainment Complex

image Chicago Bureau 8/30/2014

Faith Chapel Christian Center’s new entertainment complex, The Bridge, recently opened to the community in Wylam, AL near Birmingham. The Bridge is an impressive six dome complex that Pastor Michael Moore says will “really meet the needs of the community.” Pastor Moore goes on to say, “It will bridge people from the world to the Kingdom.” At a cost of $26 million, building the Bridge is a rather interesting and expensive idea. How did this church pay for these structures? Tithes and offerings of course. Spokesperson Antoinette Mays shares, “We want this to be an inspiration for little kids, for other pastors to say ‘Hey, we can do this too!’ It’s a place where people will come and be ministered to.”

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Pimp Preacher Radio Topic: Lot’s Wife & Why Following The Wrong Man Will Get You Burned

image New Orleans Bureau 08/29/2014

Today Church Folk Revolution Radio we will discuss why women continue to follow the wrong man even when they know he is living in sin? We will also discuss the real reason Lot’s wife looked backwards. Are you following a man that has separated you from the calling on your life? Listen to this Church Folk Revolution episode and consider if you are submissive to a False Prophet like Lot.

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Dangerous Customs - First Lady Honorific

image Chicago Bureau 8/27/14

From time to time we will be examine various church customs and see how of if it is supported by Scripture. This first one is something that is tearing up the church and is intensely debated - the pastor’s wife. This is one of many dangerous customs that presently exist in the church.

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Priest Accused of Stealing $230K of Church Funds Chicago Bureau 8/26/2014

This is why it’s important to check your church’s budget. Make sure you know where every dollar goes. Priest Stephen Gemme of Saint Bernadette Parish in Massachusetts stepped down earlier this year and will be in court Wednesday to face embezzlement charges after more than $200,000 came up missing from a single account. What did Gemme do with the money?

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A Proper Call To Evangelism Part 3

I’m disappointed to see that evangelism simply isn’t working. It’s not working because we don’t follow the blueprint. The first church has already given us the blueprint. Read Acts and pay attention to the things they did. The Bible tells us that we are to make disciples (Matthew 28:19), but most times we only focus on recruiting “new members.” Truth be told, most of those members aren’t even new. All most churches are doing now is recycling members. A new member at Church A has already been a member of Church B, C, etc

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Founding Fathers Of Black Cults: Seven Black Preachers Who Derailed Christianity In America

image New Orleans Bureau 07/05/2014

My goal with this article is to introduce you to seven preachers from the previous century that reached God like status in the minds of their followers. I call these Pastors The Forefathers of Black Cults. Though the origins of many of these ministries took root over 100 years ago, the lies and false teachings they established back then are still being practiced today. At the conclusion of this article you will see very clearly how average everyday men were able to use the Bible, and Jesus, to accomplish wealth and fame at the expense of extremely impoverished people – Black People.

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A Proper Call To Evangelism Part 2 Chicago Bureau 8/24/14

Now I know this series on the lack of proper evangelism may upset some, but I’m only speaking what I’ve researched, seen and experienced. Here in Illinois there are 56 megachurches with several in the Chicagoland area. I read a little while back that there are over 5,000 churches in Chicago. Satan shouldn’t have a chance here. This should be the holiest city outside of Jerusalem.

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Rev Daniel E. Sutton Tries To Sell Church Property According To Lawsuit: Congregation Says He Is Only An Employee

image Philadelphia Bureau 08/23/2014

Rev. Daniel E. Sutton had to receive a stern reminder last week that the Pastor is not the “King” of the congregation, but only an employee. Rev. Daniel Sutton was hired only 8 years ago and in that short period of time he got the impression that everything that Second Pilgrim Baptist Church had accumulated over the past 100 years was now his property to sell. In preparation for the pending sale of the church, Rev. Daniel E. Sutton had a secret real estate escrow & a Pay Pal account!

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Is Ebola Vaccine For White People Only? Africans Continue To Die While CDC Hides Cure!

image New Orleans Bureau 08/23/2014

With so many Christian Charities claiming to love Africa so much - why hasn’t any of them cried foul that the CDC has yet to send miracle cure to Liberia?

Both American aid workers who contracted the Ebola virus while working in West Africa have been discharged from an Atlanta hospital after medical officials determined they had recovered and were not contagious. So why hasn’t at least one African infected by the Ebola virus been given the miraculous vaccine?

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A Call To Proper Evangelism Part 1 Chicago Bureau 08/23/2012

Here I am in Chicago, the 3rd largest media market in the country. There are lots of hungry people, lots of broke people, and crime is in abundance. I remember a time when I would go places with my mom and actually hear and see people preaching the Word of God on the streets with great ferocity and zeal. You know what? You could see the devil in folks run for cover.

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