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Another Pittsburgh Pastor Arrested For Having Sex With A Minor

PIMPPREACHER.COM Pittsburgh Bureau 7/28/14

 photo Brian-Smith_zpsxcn1t7x4.jpg Alleged Rapist Brian Keith Smith age 33

It has come to our attention that another Pittsburgh area pastor has been arrested for having sex with a minor. The official policy related to Youth Pastors in the Church folk Revolution is to FIRE ALL YOUTH PASTORS!

Brian Keith Smith, 33, was the youth pastor at Journey By Grace Church in Rostraver Twp. Smith was arrested yesterday after the victim came forth to police.

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According to WTAE in Pittsburgh, Smith recruited her into the youth group at the church. They started a texting relationship and shortly thereafter their relationship became physical. He would rape the teen in various places in the church. He started bringing her to the church at off times in order to rape her.

Smith is now behind bars in the Westmoreland County jail. He is charged with aggravated indecent assault of a person less than 16 and possession of child pornography — both felonies — and corruption of minors, which is a low-level misdemeanor. He is being held on a $50,000 cash bond.

Now if we were to compare this case to the Youngblood situation, one thing that immediately stands out in this report. When church discovered the sexual assaults, they took the victim to the police and immediately fired Smith. By the way, Youngblood is still the Pastor at Life Churches.

Brian Smith represents a long line of disgraced Youth Pastors covered on this website. We advocate that parents take the threat of the youth pastor seriously. Yeah he may be fun and cool with the kids, but his agenda is devious; luring your child into dangerous situations. It has also come to light that Smith has a prior complaint but charges were never filed. Rostraver police are hoping that there is enough evidence to convict Smith.

We pray for the victim and her family that God will heal them. And we pray for the day that the position of Youth Pastor will be NO MORE!

Brother Leonard The TruthSeeker

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Raiford’s Daughter Speaks Out Against Him

PIMPPREACHER.COM Pittsburgh Bureau 7/28/2014  photo QuickMemo_2014-07-28-09-23-33_zps8kgiirrd.png

This weekend Milton Raiford’s daughter, Carmella, commented on her father’s involvement with pedophile pastor Duane Youngblood. She took to Facebook to voice her objection. On Friday, she posted a local media outlet’s article and made her statement:

“I HATE this case and I ABSOLUTELY DESPISE the fact that my father was called to be his defense attorney or has anything to do with it! I know his job is to defend and he’s always been known to help everyone, but ugh… I’m just tore up about this!”

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Carmella, thank you for having the courage to speak out for what’s right. It is a very difficult situation to know that your father is representing a despicable individual like Duane Youngblood. We wish more family members were like Carmella and stand up in spite of the transgessions of their father.

Even though Carmella has taken a courageous position to speak against her father, we still are waiting for Bishops, Pastors and other clergy to take a stand. encourages all Pittsburgh area to stand against child abusing pedophiles like Duane Youngblood. Don’t allow this opportunity for another child to be abused by this man. Four simple things you can do as a pastor that make a bold statement that you are against sexual assault and pedophilia.
1. End all fellowship with any ministry connected with Life Churches that includes preaching, teaching, singing, performing arts, etc.
2. Be vocal on social media and state your objection against pedophile.
3. Write a press release and submit it to the local media stating your against registered sex offenders being pastors.
4. Take the time to educate your congregation about sexual assault and child molestation prevention.

Pastors take a stand and protect our children from these predators.

Brother Leonard The TruthSeeker

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Pastor Charles Jenkins Business Partner Raided By FBI: More Shady Relationships?

More questionable business ties for Rev. Charles Jenkins

image Chicago Bureau 07/25/2014

As more details emerged this week into the FBI raid of a company planning a charter school in Chatham that is partnered with Rev. Charles Jenkins, the Crusader has discovered this is not the first time Jenkins has linked up in a business deal with a person of questionable background. Jenkins was part of a corporation who owned Al’s Beef and Nancy’s Pizza located at 8701 S. Stony Island in 2007.

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Pastor Duane Youngblood’s Attorney Admits Sexual Relationship With Victim: SEE VIDEO

image Pittsburgh Bureau. 7/24/14

Before I get started with this report, I want to say that I will not mention the interaction I had with Milton Raiford except for the direct question I asked him during the press conference.

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10 Scriptures Your Pastor Used To Manipulate You!

image New Orleans Bureau 07/24/2014

For years the word Holiness was thought to mean someone or a group of people who attempted to live a life according to the Bible – notice I said attempted. As much as we try, none of us can live according to every page of the Bible, it’s just not possible, and Pastors are aware of that.

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Terror Group ISIS Is Planning To Mutilate The Genitals Of 4 Million Iraqi Women!

Islam Is Proving To Be The Most Dangerous Religion For Women

image 07/24/2014

Church Folk Revolution is calling on the entire Islamic Community to denounce and fight the Iraqi Terror Barbarians ISIS, after their latest Sharia Law requirement - FATWA. According to the new law under ISIS control, more than 4.2 million women will have to undergo genital mutilation, also involving the removal of the Clitoris. The type of mutilation Isis is calling for will remove all of the clitoris, and part of labia. In the most extreme cases ISIS is planning to remove part or all of labia, then sew the vagina closed, only leaving a small opening for menstrual and urine. Barbaric!

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image Pittsburgh Bureau 07/23/2014

We cannot make this stuff up, and now it has been captured on video from local news broadcasters. Today was Duane Youngblood’s [so-called Apostle] preliminary hearing in court after being accused, AGAIN, of sexual assault of an under-age boy while operating as clergy at Life Church in Homestead (Pittsburgh), PA. While his hearing was postponed for two more weeks, the confrontation that followed is what everyone is talking about.

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Pastor Duane Youngblood & His Attorney Milton Raiford Confronted By Church Folk Revolution: SEE VIDEO

Attorney Milton Raiford  Admitted That Duane Youngblood Had Homosexual Sex!

image Pittsburgh Bureau 07/23/2014

In a scene that could only be described as bizarre, the attorney for Convicted Child Molester Pastor Duane Youngblood went on the attack against a member of The Church Folk Revolution. Once cornered with questions of Duane Youngblood’s involvement with another underage young man, Attorney Milton Raiford charged our very own activist with being involved romantically with his client. In what Milton Railford thought would be a diversion tactic to take the intense spotlight light off his client, appear to have backfired.

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Duane Youngblood, SMH…. When Will Enough Be Enough?

image 7/14/14
Pittsburgh Bureau

When does enough become enough? Do we have to have another young man to be victimized before we wake up? In January, we introduced Duane Youngblood to because we saw this man as a particular threat to the young men in his community and especially in his church. Youngblood, pastor of Life Churches (formerly known as Higher Call World Outreach), was arrested July 13, 2014 on the charge of corruption of a minor.

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Breaking News From The Bible: Malachi Is Speaking To Pastors NOT Members!

image King James Bureau 07/22/2014 Book Of Malachi 2:1-9

 And now, O ye priests, this commandment is for you.

If ye will not hear, and if ye will not lay it to heart, to give glory unto my name, saith the Lord of hosts, I will even send a curse upon you, and I will curse your blessings: yea, I have cursed them already, because ye do not lay it to heart.

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Bishop C.M. Bailey The New King Of All Pimp Preachers: Bishop Eddie Long Doesn’t Come Close!

image Charlotte Bureau 05/19/2014

We have just been introduced to one of the worst Pimp Preachers we have seen in 4 years – as a matter of fact, we now have a new mascot. His name is Bishop C. M. Bailey, the leader of United House of Prayer for All People, but he is known to tens of thousands of followers as “Sweet Daddy” Bailey.

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R.A. Vernon Pimp Institute: Will Teach Your Pastor How To Rob God & Smack The Whores!

image Cleveland Bureau 07/21/2014

Pastor R.A. Vernon is at it again with his latest hustle - The Senior Pastor Institute with Dr. R. A. Vernon. According to the promo for this event it will be a 2-Day course in on the inner workings of ministry, where little Pimp Preachers can learn from a Next Level Spiritual Extortioner how the Church Game Works. SEE WHAT LITTLE PIMPS WILL LEARN!

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How To Feed 60 People A Month By Not Paying Tithes

Stop Paying A Church To Do What God Has Called You To Do!

image New Orleans Bureau 07/20/2014

So you have just made home from church and feeling pretty good about yourself. In the service this morning you danced, shouted, screamed Amen 22 consecutive times, and most importantly you paid your tithes. In paying Tithes you felt that you’ve furthered the work of the Lord, and now your church has more money to perform the duties of the ministry. What if you discovered that the majority of the money you donated today, never made it to the Lord? What if you discovered that 85% of it will get consumed in administrative salaries and bills? How do you now feel about Tithing your hard earn money?

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