The Church Folk Revolution

The Church Folk Revolution

Judge Craig L. Schwall: Our Hero Of The Week!

 image 10/01/2014 Atlanta Bureau

In recognition of Molestation Prevention Month for October 2014, Church Folk Revolution would like to acknowledge Judge Craig L. Schwall of Atlanta Judicial Court – 5th Administrative District for his relentless protection of sexually abused children. One of the strategies Judge Schwall has used in addressing men who sexually abuse minors, is to make sure that those Perpetrators never gain the opportunity to rape again.

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Pastor Lesego Daniel of Rabboni Members Drink Gasoline Out Of Bottle: See Video

Meet The Most Dangerous Pastor On The Planet  09/30/2014 Kenya Bureau

The same Pastor that caused an international outrage when he demanded that his members “eat grass in order to become closer to God” has just managed to embarrass the entire Body of Christ once again. Pastor Lesego Daniel of Rabboni Centre Ministries has just posted a Youtube video that captures members of his congregation drinking Gasoline out of a bottle. The Youtube video starts off with a warning and then cuts to show a demonstration in which the liquid in the bottle was ignited to prove that the contents was not Apple Juice. One by one his members line up to drink the Gasoline. See Video

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No Church Left Behind Gospel Fest Will Raise More Money For Church: Forget The Child Maryland Bureau 09/30/2014

Move over President Bill Clinton, a new fanatical group of Church Lovers may have just topped your once famous Education Campaign with one better – No Church Left Behind. As if we didn’t have enough Churches in our communities, as if churches hadn’t already collected enough money, we now have an event that will raise even more money for Church!

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Gladys Knight Midnight Train Has Parked In Utah At The Mormon Church

Will Somebody Please Go Rescue Aunt Gladys From The Mormons – Please Somebody! 09/30/2014 Atlanta Bureau

Well Gladys Knight did tell us in her famous song that she “Got To Go” but we never knew that meant to Utah to become one of a hand full of Black Mormons. Rhythm & Blues Legend Gladys Knight is now part of a diversity campaign put forward by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and they have even made her the choir director of her own Mormon Gospel Choir. The goal of the campaign is to prove that the Mormon Church is not a “White Church” which is also the equivalent of saying you’re not a racists because you have one “Black Friend.” I guess for the Mormon Church – Gladys Knight is that Black Friend.

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Michael Irvin Considering Quitting The NFL Network To Spend More Time With Bishop T.D. Jakes!

Will Michael Irvin Really Quit His Job In Order To Spend More Time At The Potter’s House?

image 09/29/2014 Dallas Bureau

If you needed more proof that Mad Church Disease is a real condition then I invite you to look no further than the relationship between NFL Star Michael Irvin, and Bishop T.D. Jakes.  NFL Hall of Fame Receiver Michael Irvin told TMZ that he is considering leaving the NFL Network because he misses church on Sunday at the Potters House in Dallas. The thought of leaving a million dollar job to go watch a million dollar pastor preach makes very little sense to us – but it does speak to the power Pastors have over their members – even the Rich Members.

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Is Wife Swapping Fornication? No Says Creator Of Christian Swingers Website

Is Wife Swapping Fornication?  To Listen Live To Our Radio Show On This Topic Click Here

image 09/29/2014 Florida Bureau

Well it’s been confirmed by multiple sources – there is actually a website for wife swapping of Christian Women. A website established just for Christians who are interested in swinging lifestyles, and swapping partners has caused the Body of Christ to confront an issue that many have known about for years, but very few pastors have dared to touch.  Sexual Swingers.

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Why Pastors Should Never Receive Another Community Grant

Church Folk Revolution Radio Topic - Listen LIVE Radio Topic 09/26/2014

Church Folk Revolution Radio: It’s Show Time! In 2005 the Government awarded $2.2 Billion in Grant money for Faith Based Initiative - What happened to that money? Has your community improved as a result of Grant Money that was awarded to your Pastor? Our topic today is why Pastors should not receive Grant money! Join us to discuss how the majority of the grant money given to Churches is wasted.


Happy Birthday To A Four Year Declaration Of A War Against False Prophets!

image New Orleans 09/22/2014

Happy Birthday to Church Folk Revolution & we’re 4 years old Today! Please join us on the radio as we thank God for allowing us to serve him for 4 years. Showtime 12 noon est - No Anniversary Gift Required LOL!!!

To listen live simply Click Here Radio Is Live: Is It Time For Pastors To Sign A Morality Clause?

Pastor Darrell Gilyard Was Arrested Twice For Molesting Under Age Girls

image Radio 0/19/2014

The Body of Christ is speaking out loud and proud against recent, very public incidents among players and perceived cover-ups among the NFL. Arrests, jail time, and firings have been demanded among other punitive options. and yet, churches today are full of people who refuse to demand the same for their pastor, pastor’s colleague, or other church leader’s delinquent behavior. Click the link below to listen LIVE!

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Pastor Jeffery Harlow Arrested For Indecent Exposure In His Own Home!

image Va. Bureau 09/16/2014

How do you get arrested for indecent exposure in your own home?

In a very bizarre report, we have just learned that Pastor Jeffery Harlow has been arrested for indecent exposure in his own home after someone inside of the home called the police. has contacted Hanover County Sheriff’s Office in an attempt to get more details on this story, but we were told that there is an on-going investigation, and all details are being held. The one thing we know for sure is Pastor Jeffery Harlow flashed his genitals to someone inside of the home, and they found it offensive enough to call the police. See News Video.

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How Pastors In The South Are Really Cashing In On Jesus!

image 09/13/2014

Large churches in the South tend to pay their senior pastors the highest salaries, a new survey finds.

That’s one of the conclusions on churches and finances released Tuesday (Sept. 9) by Leadership Network, a Dallas-based church think tank, and the Vanderbloemen Search Group, a Houston-based executive search firm for churches and ministries. A total of 727 North American churches with attendance ranging from 1,000 to more than 30,000 answered questions, more than double the number of congregations featured in previous studies.

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Pastor Glenn VanZandt Arrested For Long Term Sexual Relationship With Minor! Birmingham Bureau 09/15/2014 

We have just received a report of another Pastor from the Birmingham Alabama area, that was arrested for raping an underage child. Police say Pastor Glenn VanZandt had an ongoing relationship with a female victim under the age of 16, and his charges include second-degree rape and second-degree sodomy.

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CFR Radio Topic: Black Fathers In 2014 Damned If You Do & Damned If You Don’t


image 09/15/2014

Calling All Fathers! Are you having challenges parenting a child from a previous relationship? Why? Today on CFR Radio we will talk about the hurdles facing active fathers and will Black Men ever shake the stigma of being absent fathers? Showtime 12am est LET’S GO!!!

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How Some Churches Support Spousal Abuse

image 09/13/2014

Many have been understandably astonished and disturbed this week by the video of NFL player, Ray Rice, punching his fiancé in an elevator. As I was still processing this repulsive offense, I was came across dozens of heartbreaking tweets from abuse victims around the world using the #WhyIStayed, expressing why they had remained with the person who abused them.

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