The Church Folk Revolution

The Church Folk Revolution

Easter. For the Rest of Us

image 04/16/2014

Easter. Why do we do this? My daughter is sixteen and still asking me for an Easter basket. But I digress. First let me say that I believe that Jesus is the Son of God. I believe He died on the cross for our sins. I believe He rose again, from the tomb, on the third day. I believe He lives and will return. I had to get that out of the way. I must because many of you already have the lynching rope ready. But you can now take it down from the tree.

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Pastor Gregory Hawkins Sued For $1 Million By Mother Of 15 Year Old Girl He Impregnated: Social Worker Also Sued

image Tulsa Bureau 04/16/2014

 Pastor Gregory Hawkins who was arrested for getting a 15 year old member of his church pregnant has been sued by the mother of the victim for over $1 million in damages. The Social Worker in charge of the case is also being sued by the mother for placing the 15 victim with  Foster Parents who were members of Pastor Hawkins church. Those same Foster Parents allowed the Pastor to have continued visitation with the 15 year old despite a Court Order stating that Pastor Hawkins should have no contact with the victim. But wait there’s more – DNA results confirmed for the court that Pastor Hawkins is the father of the victims baby.

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Don’t Mind Your Business: Domestic Violence in the Body of Christ


Pimppreacher 04/16/2014

“There’s no protection against being a victim of the falling piano — but for other things, we can choose awareness.” – Randy Susan Meyers

I called her the Prosecutor. She had a way of presenting a case for just about anything with such a conviction. I could see her fighting for the rights of victims for justice. A legal assistant already, she had taken the LSAT entrance exam and was preparing for a career in law. She could break down Bible in a concise manner. I did not know he would kill her. None of us did.

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GROOMED: When Your Son Becomes The Pastor’s Side Chic! New Orleans Bureau 04/12/2014

Yesterday’s show taught me that boys who had been Groomed and Molested grow up to become Molested Men. Some became Gay & Lesbian (if young girls at the time of the abuse) while other vent their abuse in other ways. I now know that a huge amount of Gay men in one area or city could also be a sign of a huge amount of young boys who were once the victim of sexual monsters / and pastors. I have been so busy focusing on the fact that they were Gay, that I missed the tragic events that happened to some of them.

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image 04/09/2014

Sheriff Richard Fuller held a press conference this morning to give official results of body found in Lake Charles. Sheriff Fuller verified that the body found was indeed that of Dr. Taleka Patrick. He states that her death appears to be an accidental drowning, and unless any new information comes to his office, there are no next steps. Case will be closed. He did say that he is waiting for toxicology results, but that could be three more weeks. Sheriff Fuller then attempted to paint a series of unfortunate events that led to her drowning.

1. Dr. Patrick left her hospital belongings in her locker. Appears she had no plans of returning.

2. Went to hotel but never booked a room. Told desk attendant she had to go back for her things and used hotel shuttle. Debarked from shuttle and told driver she would not need ride back.

3. Shuttle driver testifies that she entered a gold-colored car and drove away from lot alone. Driver did not see any other cars pull off from lot.

4. She told colleagues she had rented a white vehicle since her car was in shop. But repair shop states they released car back to her. Shop warned her of tires and that they needed to be replaced.

5. Sheriff states it is believed she was on her way to visit an acquaintance in St. Louis. Motorist called police to report car driving erratically on I-94. Motorist recalled only seeing one person in car. A little later different motorist called to report car on side of the road along same location. Police arrive about ten minutes later to find car abandoned, unlocked with Dr. Patrick’s wallet inside carrying credit cards and seven dollars. No keys found.

6. Lake Charles is surrounded by high fence and is believed Dr. Patrick found a way to get to the other side perhaps to seek help. There were residential properties further along. But it would have been very dark at night.

7. Lake may have been obscured by darkness and tall weeds. Lake shallow initially but drops off deeper. Deepest lake depth is twenty-one feet.

8. At the time of Dr. Patrick’s disappearance, lake had not yet frozen over. But shortly afterward, lake froze.

9. Police did return to lake before to cut holes and search but found nothing at time.

10. Dr. Patick’s body did not present with any trauma or evidence of foul play.

11. Rev. Marvin Sapp has cooperated and was only an innocent victim of possible stalking.

12. It appears that Dr. Patrick was very skilled in hiding her troubles.

The other person working on this case for the family is private investigator, James Carlin. We have not yet heard a statement from him. As far as any other specifics about what exactly happened that night, Sheriff Fuller did say we do not know because none of us were there. Please continue to pray for the family of Dr. Teleka Patrick.

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The Eerie Similarities of the Chandra Levy and Teleka Patrick Cases

image 04/07/2014

For some time since the disappearance of Dr. Teleka Patrick, I have been reminded of the scandal that rocked Washington D.C. 2001-2002. It was the case of the missing government intern later to have been found dead, Chandra Levy. She was having an affair with then Congressman Gary Condit, but no foul-play connected to him was ever proven.

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image Pittsburgh Bureau 04/06/2014

According to Fox 17 News, a body was found this afternoon in a lake near where Dr. Patrick’s car was abandoned. We are awaiting verification from the police that the body is indeed Dr. Patrick’s. The police have already been to the family’s home.

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120 Days Still Missing: What’s Next for the Investigation of Missing Dr . Teleka Patrick Pittsburgh Bureau 04/05/2014

UPDATE: This week, there was another search on I-94 along the stretch of road where Dr. Patrick’s vehicle was found. What was being sought is unknown. Perhaps it was thought to be a good idea to go back to the scene in case there was some piece of evidence missed.

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Meet Moses and Zipporah: Hollywood Continues to Blot Out African Heritage in Biblical Epics

image PIttsburgh Bureau 04/02/2014

I grew up on Charlton Heston myself in the role of Moses in the Ten Commandments (1956). I was too young to recognize a white-washing of truth and history. Now that I am older, I continue to be reminded of the prejudice of Hollywood with regard to this genre of film seen in the recent Noah release and now a new movie starring Moses called Exodus: Gods and Kings. It is expected to be released Christmas 2014. Moses is one of many favorite Bible stories and often referred to by pastors as a church operations paradigm. Moses continues to be beloved as the one of the great patriarchs of the Bible. And yet, when Hollywood wants to set a cast of characters for this story to film, they turn their nose up at diversity – even to the derision of authenticity and ignominy of non-whites all over the world.

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image Pittsburgh Bureau 04/01/2014

There are just some things detestable to me within the institutional church realm. One thing I hate is the constant “instruction” pastors have to women with regard to getting a man and keeping one. I hate it because there is usually no co-advice for men for how to keep their homes, wolves off the perimeter, or keeping their pants zipped. No, usually for us women, a constant condemnation for sexuality, temptation, how to dress, sexual assertiveness (if married) and other topics as it relates to sex. I have heard pastors say that it’s actually an attempt to protect us since we are the weaker sex. Further, men are just going to be men. It’s better to help the women to be more aware of this since giving men instruction is an act of futility.

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Race, Lies, and Russell Crowe: Why the Noah Movie Gets a D

image Phoenix Bureau 3/29/2014

It was doomed from the start. An opening scene of Lamech  completing some rite of passage ceremony – a blessing – to his son Noah with a relic of snakeskin. If you have not yet seen Noah and want to, you may want to stop right here as there will be no mercy in the deconstruction of this film of a Bible Hero.

To see the director, Aronofsky, give explanation of this work you can see here in this puff-ball interview with Robin Roberts.

ABC US News | ABC Business News

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