The Church Folk Revolution

The Church Folk Revolution

Deitrick Haddon Says Church Did Not Come To Kevin Terry Defense: How Do You Defend A Mouth Full Of Penis?

image L.A. Bureau 10/20/2014

This week’s episode of Real Preachers of L.A. will feature the interview Deitrick Haddon had with Dow Low (but busted) gospel singer Kevin Terry. Last year a sex tape surfaced that featured the gospel singer performing oral sex on another man, the video alone brought Kevin Terry’s gospel career to an immediate end.

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Youth Pastor Chad Shiffer Arrested During Craigslist Sting: Attempted 2nd Sexual Assault Of Child


Youth Pastor Chad Shiffer’s photo is the one on the far right - outside of lineup. Wisconsin Tip 10/20/2014

Police in Eau Claire County launched an online sting operation to catch perverts who troll the internet looking for children, and not staff member at Pimp Preacher was shocked to learn that a Youth Pastor was amongst the nine men arrested. Youth Pastor Chad Shiffer will get charged next week with use of a computer to facilitate a child sex crime, attempted child enticement, and attempted second degree sexual assault of a child. Chad Shiffer served as Youth Pastor of Bethesda Lutheran Brethren Church in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. SEE VIDEO

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Pastor Karl Johnson Arrested During Church Service For Violating Restraining Order: The Members Filed The Restraining Order!

image Arkansas Bureau 10/20/2014

A wonderful story has come to us out of Conway Arkansas where the congregation at Salem Missionary Baptist Church enforced a protective restraining order against pastor Karl Johnson, and had him arrested during church services on yesterday. SEE Video Of Pastor Karl Complaining About Getting Arrested.

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Talk Of Revolution Surrounding Pope Francis Regarding Divorced & Gay Marriage: Hundreds Of Pissed Off Bishops

image  New York 10/20/2014

The winds of Revolution are gaining in strength within the Catholic Church over a statement released by the Vatican calling for more tolerance of Gay Marriage, and the welcoming of Divorced Christians. Who will win in the end?

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Judge Orders Rev. Juan McFarland To Return Keys To Church And Mercedes: HIV Reign Of Terror Ending

A lone Deacon tries to hide Rev. Juan McFarland from cameras as they left the courthouse during a break Thursday - moments later he was Removed as Pastor!

image Montgomery Bureau 10/16/2014

Another Pimp Preacher has been slapped in the face by Justice! We have just learned that a Montgomery County Circuit Judge has ruled that Rev. Juan McFarland must turn over the keys to Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church, and the Mercedes. Seen leaving court shielded by one of his devoted worshipers, Juan McFarland made ever attempt to lock the Elders out of their church, and take full control of their finances. This current ruling kicks the disgraceful pastor out on the street, and allows the congregation the space needed to recover. GLORY!!!

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Freedom Of Piss Battle Underway In Houston: Five Pastors Have Sermons Subpoenaed

image Houston Bureau 10/16/2014

Something really strange has taken place in Texas, and it has absolutely nothing to do with Ebola. It has come to our attention that five area Pastors in Houston had their sermons subpoenaed by a compliance arm of the City in an attempt monitor a repeal effort aimed at Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO). This new Gay Rights ordinance has even lost the support of long time LGBT advocates like Rev. Dr. C. Welton Gaddy because it not only over stepped into a very delicate area Freedom of Speech, but the HERO Law allows LGBT citizens to use any restroom they choose.

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Bishop L. Lawrence Is Headed To Nigeria To Preach Despite Ebola Concerns: For The Love Of Money! Shreveport Bureau 10/16/2014

Louisiana could encounter its first case of Ebola if Bishop L. Lawrence comes in contact with any infected individuals on his planned trip to Nigeria tomorrow.

Bishop L. Lawrence (a Shreveport Pastor) is planning to travel to Nigeria to preach a conference despite all of the many concerns about Ebola and International travel to West Africa. Bishop L. Lawrence of Brandon of Praise Temple Full Gospel Cathedral is headed within 1200 miles of the Ebola hot zone, in order to preach a conference that could have waited until the international crisis had been resolved.

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Breaking News From The Bible: Jesus Never Had A Building Fund King James Bureau John Chap Two 10/15/2014

13 And the Jews’ passover was at hand, and Jesus went up to Jerusalem.14 And found in the temple those that sold oxen and sheep and doves, and the changers of money sitting: 15 And when he had made a scourge of small cords, he drove them all out of the temple, and the sheep, and the oxen; and poured out the changers’ money, and overthrew the tables;

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How Tithing Creates Welfare Queens?

There Is No Meat In The Storehouse Because Of Your Pastor New Orleans Bureau 10/14/2014

I hate Tithing because it keeps Poor people Poor, and makes a few Rich people Richer.

As flawed as the Doctrine of Tithing really is, why aren’t Pastors preaching against it as much as they preach against the President Obama & Gays? The reason is simple, they love the money. In a perfect Christian World, pastors would take Tithes and change the lives of the people in the pews, but that’s in a perfect Christian World. SOUND OFF ABOUT TITHING – STAND UP!

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Pastor Juan McFarland Gestapo Deacon Marc Anthoni Peacock Threatened Other Deacons With Castle Law: Right To Use Deadly Force

See Lawsuit Filed By Ousted Deacons Against HIV Prophet Juan McFarland

image Montgomery Bureau 10/14/2014

The situation in Montgomery just sunk below rock bottom as we just received word of a lawsuit filed against Pastor Juan McFarland and Deacon Marc Anthoni Peacock, by the ousted Deacons. The lawsuit is claiming that the Elders of the church have been threaten with the Castle Law - which  gives Pastor Juan McFarland and his Gestapo Deacon the right to use deadly force should any of the other Deacons step foot on the property of Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church. Pastor Juan McFarland “The HIV Prophet” was voted out in a 80-2 vote but refuses to vacate the pulpit. SEE LAWSUIT.

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Sunday School Teacher Rex Murphy Arrested For Sexually Abusing Boy During Sunday School!

Police Say He Threatened Child With Witchcraft!

image Kentucky Bureau 10/14/2014

We have just received a report out of Kentucky in the Eubank area where police have arrested Youth Pastor / Sunday School teacher Rex Murphy for sexually abusing an underage boy. The victim in the case told Police that Rex Murphy threaten him with Witchcraft to keep his silence.

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Pastor Ernest Angley Forced Members To Have Abortions And Vasectomies!

Investigative Report Reveals Pastor Even Inspected Males Penises! Ohio 10/14/2014

We have just been introduced to Televangelist Earnet Angley who was featured in an investigative report that claims he forced  some of his followers to have abortions and vasectomies. The investigation even uncovered that Ernest Angley inspected all male penises after the surgeries. The report was released by the Akron Beacon Journal and says that over 20 former members have come forward to protest Pastor Earnest Angley, and attract awareness to his ministry. See Report!

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Rev. Wayne Weathers Fired By Deacon Board But Manipulated Bylaws To Remain Pastor For Life

image Philadelphia Bureau 10/12/2014

Imagine trying to fire one of your employees, but you can never get a meeting with them because they’re either on vacation or avoiding you altogether. Welcome to Memorial Baptist Church in Philadelphia. We have just received reports of another Pastor who is refusing to vacate the Pulpit after being voted out by the Elders of the church. Rev. Wayne Weathers was handed his walking papers back in August, and was even given until Dec 9th to find another church to Pimp, but has decided he isn’t going anywhere until God officially terminates his employment.

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